Time is of the Essence



Finally, finally the FSOG Book II is getting good!! Nope, I am not kidding. My interest has been restored and I actually look forward to reading it. We shall see how long that lasts. It took nearly 200 plus pages to get to the apex of the story, where things finally happen other than the usual sex and Mr. Grey showing off his money and skills.

So this brings me to timing and pace of a story. I do struggle with this in my own works because I don’t want to drag the story on and on, but also don’t want to reveal anything too soon for the sake of moving the story along. It has to be just right. I assure you, Dear Readers, that I will not let 200 pages of nothing come between you and the main plot of my stories. My job is to read, re-read and read again my own work so I can be sure the timing is perfect.

As an avid reader myself, I know what quick-draw-McGraw story lines look like, as well as long drawn out ones. However, I feel that the remedy to that is having characters take¬† turns giving their point of view in the story or have more than one plot going on where eventually those two plots would meet. For now, I continue to edit my novella, which I did today and yesterday. Can you believe I finished Chapter 1? But not so fast! I went back and worked on it again and I am starting to like it more!! Maybe I won’t need a full month for each chapter. However, there is still the pacing to be dealt with for this one. Oh joy!!

Thanks for reading and I will write more again soon!

scarlette rayne