No Rest for the Wicked


I am not only a writer, but I also have my hooks and lines in other adventures as well. I can be found wearing a mask, rubber gloves and goggles late at night mixing and measuring make soap of course. If I am not doing that, I can be found rubbing on people in low-lit rooms…as a massage therapist ya silly goose. And today, I got caught up at the local coffee shop with a handsome stranger who had intense midnight eyes, silken chestnut hair flawlessly slicked back and sensual lips begging to be kissed….my main male character from the book I’m writing ya nut job! Whose else would it be? I got caught up trying to make sure he flirts, entices and seduces my main female character in the utmost believable and credible way.

There’s some adulting in this mix too. OK,  auto correct was getting the wrong idea too because it was trying to correct it to say ‘adulterating’. Geez auto correct, I am not that type of gal!. Well, maybe I write about that sort of stuff, but getting back to adulting, I meant that I also can be found doing the usual  bills, chores, taking care of family and everything else in between!! And so it continues, at home now, contemplating dinner AND making sure this main male character doesn’t trip up his lines while being sexy and suave. Oh my, what an interesting life I lead!

‘Til next time my naughty-minded readers!!

Thank you for your support!!

scarlette rayne