Mode of Transportation


I found this awesome place to do my edits! It was quiet, peaceful and no one was around! The ideas and words flowed freely and I got more done than I thought I would. The place was none other than home sweet home! A (sort of) spontaneous edit session, I was amazed at my amount of focus and discipline of doing this at home. That and….my car’s in the shop! LOL! Nothing like having your car at the mechanic’s to force you to stay home and get things done. Living in a big city or a suburb where I could have taken the train, or even the bus would have been ideal (here’s looking at you New York City). There was no way I could have trekked over to my usual coffee shop because there are no sidewalks here!!! (The sidewalks have no end nor a beginning Mr. Shel Silverstein!).

More to come soon! And as always, thank you for reading!!

scarlette rayne