Location, location, location


I sat and struggled with my edits today. No…it wasn’t writer’s block, rather it was the energy around me. For a Monday, the coffee shop I frequent to get edits and writing done wasn’t crowded, but it was busy. I can’t say it was loud, but something about my surroundings didn’t allow me to focus. Should I try another place? Maybe. I do know a few other coffee shops around town that may be noteworthy for my work. Edit at home? Yes, I have done several at-home edit sessions, however I always enjoy the change of scenery a coffee shop has to offer. I do miss the one I use to go to back in Colorado. It was quaint,old,quiet and right down the road from the mountains!!  A coffee shop in the mountains always gave me a vital essence I needed to craft my stories. The one I currently visit every so often is off a congested main drag, in a town of confusing roadways and the worse drivers the world has ever seen…but I digress….The good news is, I am in the home stretch with finishing up the edits on my novella! So it won’t be long now!

Next time, I will try this change of location and see what happens.

Thank you for reading! More to come later.

scarlette rayne