Fall Back, but not Behind




Hello and Happy November Dear Readers!

I hope you all have recovered from the change in time this past weekend. It only took me a day or two. Not bad considering we all have been subjected to this ‘Fall Back, Spring Ahead,’ nonsense for the better part of the year. But I would rather not get into that. I already have seen countless memes on Facebook of just how annoyed the masses are about it.

The leaves have changed color, the trees have shed most of them, and the days are NOT longer, rather, it only gets lighter earlier and darker sooner. We still have the same 24 hours in the day. Didn’t I say I wasn’t going to get into it? The temps are more forgiving now at the 60 and 70 mark, with a fair share of rain; the sun battling the heavy cloud cover for some room in the sky. This makes me realize that another year will be coming to a close soon. Another year that I have been working on my stories; a tell-tale sign that I must pick up the pace a little bit more.

Today I attended my monthly writer’s group meeting for some lovely conversation, good coffee, even better company and of course, some editing. It was perhaps only a snippet of a scene I worked on, but it is one step closer to the BIG MAIN GOAL!! I even worked on some more it at home. This journey I continue to take is not a race in any shape or form. Nor do I dare to treat it as such.

As always, thank you for reading and most of all sticking by me on this.

scarlette rayne