‘Beyond Here, There Be Dragons’


On Wednesday of this past week (October 14th), I drove over to my first writer’s group at a local coffee shop I was dying to try. Butterflies in my stomach? Nope. Bats? Not a chance. It was more like dragons flying around inside my gut as I made my way over there. I was extremely nervous because a)meeting new people always elicits stomach knots (or in this case, dragons…LOL)  b) it was the first writer’s group I have been to that wasn’t on line (although those are awesome too)  c) I finally feel I am moving forward on my writer’s journey. That s*** just got real!

I was warmly welcomed and I already felt right at home talking to the hostess of the group and another writer as well. Other showed up a little after me. I have to say, although probably none of us got any writing done, we had a blast! We laughed and joked and talked about books, movies, what we are working on, and yes, even ‘Fifty Shades’ of Grey’. It was as if I sat down and was chatting it up with friends I have known for years! I loved it!!

Darn, I didn’t take any photos of the shop, but never fear! I will do so next time I go back! So for now, I will leave you with a photo of another coffee shop I used to frequent. As always, thank you for reading!

scarlette rayne