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The 11th time’s the charm

What is it about a book’s cover that draws you in? To purchase it? The beautiful, colorful and eye-catching photo? Or the intriguing title? Of course, if it’s your favorite author, it’s already sold. I must have about ten, count’em TEN mock up cover versions for my debut novella. I played around with fonts, placement…

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The Little Things

A book not only contains the moving, descriptive words that were created to tell you a story, but it also contains other little things that matter. I nearly forgot I had to work on them. That being the Dedication, Acknowledgements, Copy right page where we authors tell you it’s a no no to reproduce any…

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New Beginnings

For those of you who know me, my apologies for being away for so long. For those who are new to the VelvetFx world, you are in for a fabulous journey of how a new up and coming author writes, edits, re-edits, get frustrated, keeps going then does it all over again. We are always…

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