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nocturne_of_secrecy_kindle                                CHAPTER ONE
Prague, Czech Republic 12 years ago

I stepped into the relentless, cold night from the hotel lobby. A strong gust of wind made me pull my elegant coat, tighter around the curves of my slender body. As I walked to the sleek, black limo, the attractive driver politely nodded in greeting as he opened the door for me. His roguish smile held a suggestive thought as his gaze met mine. I daintily eased into the car; a seductive smile played across my lips, shooting back to the driver my own silent innuendo. Despite the chilly temps, I deliberately allowed one bare leg to linger a bit longer than it should, offering the driver an eyeful of smooth, tan skin.I then slid my leg into the limo, where the warmth was a stark contrast to the cold snap outside.

     I breathed in stale cigar smoke embedded in the limo’s leather interior. Lingering cologne and previously spilled champagne added to the mix, giving away the fact this limo had seem some fun times. The driver got behind the wheel but took his sweet time adjusting the review mirror, his dark and voracious eyes met my alluring emerald greens in the reflection. I playfully ignored the fact he was trying to steal a look, so I casually opened the front of my coat. On display for him was the plunging neck-line of my black-laced cocktail dress, revealing my firm, soft-to-the-touch cleavage. I wanted the driver to drink in the sight of me, therefore I turned my head to the side to look out the window. A few tendrils of silky, raven locks fell softly upon my exposed collar bone. He cleared his throat and adjusted his driver’s cap. Then he began fixing the collar of his shirt then wiped his brow with the back of his hand. The driver’s body language amused me to where I had to hide my smirk. What? You never had an attractive female to chauffeur around? As he swiftly drove off, it was apparent that frustration and need grew within him.

     His impressive skills at maneuvering the busy streets of Prague led my thoughts to wonder how carefully he could handle me in the bedroom. With ease and tenderness? Perhaps it would be passion and a thirst for pleasing me until the sun rises. I inhaled, then exhaled deeply as a means to control my breathing. These thoughts were making me feel all worked up. I caught the driver glancing at me once more in his rear view mirror. My breathing most likely captured his attention for a moment; he cleared his throat, rubbed the back of his neck once more and grunted softly. The kind of grunt a man makes when he sees something he approves of.

     Needing some sort of distraction away from the driver, I looked out the window again; this time, paying mind to the view passing by. A steamy haze began to appear on the glass. I watched as tiny droplets of condensation took residence on the limo’s tinted glass, brought about by our hushed flirtations. It reminded me of what happens when two ravenous lovers indulge themselves in each other. I instantly imagined those lovers were the driver and me. So much for distracting myself.

     I took my hand and wiped off some of the condensation from the glass to get a better view passing me by as we zipped down the busy streets. The sights of the city pleased me. The historic structures took my breath away, and the brilliant street lights casted an ethereal yellow glow on the night. I craned my neck a bit to get a better view of the ancient city shimmering and the grandeur of its Gothic and Romanesque architecture standing majestic and erect, as if welcoming my existence into their world. The driver made a sharp turn which made my coat fall slightly, exposing more of my shoulder, collar bone, and cleavage. I wouldn’t dare to glance over to see if the driver’s lustful eyes had happened to witness this. The thought alone was enough to provoke my sensual responses. I teasingly removed my coat, then tossed my hair to one side. The driver cleared his throat yet again and accelerated his speed, running a red light. The increasing heat building within the limo was thrilling!

     The haze on the windows reached its peak where I could no longer see anything, despite my best efforts to keep wiping away the mist. I rolled down my window to let the air in to help lessen some of the built up haze. Right away, my ears were brimming with the heartbeat of Prague at 7:15pm.

     My anticipation of this adventure grew more intense as we drove closer to my destination. I sensed a shift in the cold, crisp air blowing into the limo, as I pulled a deep crimson envelope from my evening clutch. My unspoken tryst with the driver dissipated into the chilly, evening air of Downtown Prague as I removed the invite from its envelope and read the printed cursive gold letters:

      You have been cordially invited to our 10th annual black-tie and charity event for

    The Young Virtuoso Society Stavovské Divaldo (Estates Theater)

Prague, Chez Republic

         March twenty-second two-thousand and four

             Concert begins at Eight o’clock pm

     Dinner commences at Nine o’clock pm

     Folded within the invitation was a small handwritten note on a piece of aged parchment paper. Not necessarily the kind one would search high and low for, but it was as though the writer took the time to make it themselves. It was sealed with a drop of blood-red wax. The words flowed in cursive letters.

Eighty-eight ivories

     Infinite number of sounds

     A single note thrives

 I have arranged a limo to pick you up at 7:15. See you tonight.

As I regarded the note which held these cleverly-crafted words, a rousing ache of exhilaration came from the deepest part of my core.