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Teaser Novella to The Symphony Noir Collection

Alexis Angel is no stranger to bold invitations. Whether it’s being swept away to an exotic locale by a skillful lover–or a request to serenade elite audiences with her piano skills–she’s accustomed to the attention.
However, when seductive businessman Travis McGregor asks her to perform at his company’s charity event, Alexis is both intrigued and drawn to him like no other.
What begins as a cold, frigid evening, slowly turns into a whirlwind of intoxicating lust.     Travis is different from many men Alexis has known–and certainly the steamy romance emerging between them won’t be a typical one.
Nocturne of Secrecy is a novella of the Symphony Noir Collection.

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Book I: The Symphony Noir Collection

Alexis is used to turning heads with her looks and capturing attention with her unmatched piano skills. They’ve allowed her to travel the world, take any man she wanted, and live in the fast lane.  However, when she runs into her former flame, Travis McGregor, her skills at playing the game of seduction will be put to the test.  She can’t deny how he makes her feel, and he has only gotten better–and perhaps even more experienced–with age. As Alexis toys with the idea of picking up where they left off, she must come to terms with the one thing holding her back–her husband.

Add in an unexpected house guest, the immature, lustful, yet sexy Hunter Bradford, matters quickly become more complex.

Some yearnings are fleeting.Others are an all-consuming fire. Alexis is dangerously close to the flames, and it feels good.

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Book II: The Symphony Noir Collection


Alexis understands discipline and control. As a world-class pianist, her entire career is staked on her restraint and skill. But when it comes to love–or lust, her passion carries her away into dangerous territory.

She thought she had learned her lesson about being caught up in a forbidden romance. However, when the mysterious and sexy Alec comes along, his touch threatens to unleash a torrent of pleasurable encounters.

But Alexis is already taken.

And Alec knows this, but can’t seem to tear himself away from her. Alexis must decide if she’s ready to drift away from what she already has in exchange for what could be. Should she follow her heart, or force herself to cut ties with a man who stirs her and fulfills her needs?

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Book III: Symphony Noir Collection


Beauty. Fame. Money…and a second chance with the love of your life.

Alexis is toying with finding out if that chance is truly worth it–except she’s married to someone else. She thinks she’s safe from temptation when she accompanies her husband on a trip to Japan, but runs into two men who’ve heavily shaped her past: Jake Morgan and Kevin Kraven.

One is the first man to sweep her up in passion, and the other is just bad news. Alexis fears her past could catch up with her and ruin her future, but she can’t help but appreciate the mature, handsome Jake she sees before her. And it doesn’t help that he hints at the fact that he still longs for her.

Alexis promised herself long ago that she would be the conqueror and men her conquests, but no other had captured her heart like Jake. Will he be able to do it again?

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Book IV: Symphony Noir Collection 


Some secrets are revealed with time, while others need to stay buried…

And Alexis Angel has quite a few she’d like to put to rest.

In trying to resolve her feelings over her fling with her long-lost love, she’s confronted with the truth of her hollow marriage. Will she stay with Caleb and work things out? Or will she follow her heart and break free?

But two men from her past wait in the shadows.

Travis and Kevin both have ties to Alexis, and they both have reason to make her pay for her sins. As their game of deception and revenge turn lustful and dangerous, Alexis soon discovers that they are the hunters and she is their prey.

She knows she must tread with caution. With a single misstep, she could lose her family and everything she’s worked for.

And if she’s not careful, the explosive situation can turn deadly.

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Second Novella to the Symphony Noir Collection


Vivienne Vixen. Alexis Angel.One woman, two different lives.By day, Alexis serenades an oblivious audience with her music in the subways of New York, hoping to earn enough to pay the month’s rent. By night, she’s a sultry dancer, pulled into a world of pleasure and danger that she knows she needs to escape.And Roberta Holloway may just be able to give her that.But Alexis’s generous benefactor has secrets and ulterior motives. Roberta sets in motion a fateful meeting that Alexis will never forget.PRELUDE TO DECEPTION is a second novella of the Symphony Noir Collection.

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Love on the Edge of Danger: A Pandemic Romance Collection

In 2020, the world suffered a viral pandemic of epic proportions. Thousands of people fell ill and lost their lives. In the grips of the pandemic, four Florida authors came together to weave these romantic tales and show that, above all, love overcomes darkness.

Amor En Cuarencena- Maria and Jose find love in a famous entertainment district.

When You Least Expect It- Collin’s medical supply deliveries soon become more… than a basic necessity.

And Love Happened- For Chrissy, life was perfect… until it wasn’t.

The Megalodon Charm- Under quarantine, Can Zoe and Ezra re-connect and find love once again?

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Unfinished Business: An Anthology of Macabre and Twisted Tales

This is what happens when two uniquely talented writers join forces to write a book. From the dark twisted minds of Isadora Diggan and Scarlette Rayne, comes, ‘Unfinished Business: An Anthology of Macabre and Twisted Tales.’

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