So close!

Good day Blog readers,


Last night I have submitted more edits to my editor.I have been working on character background and for awhile we were editing just that and not the book itself. Now that I am satisfied with what I edited so far for the characters (although that will still need work), I can concentrate more on the novella itself. I am so close I can taste it! It will probably be another month or so, depending how much time my editor and myself put into it. I am not working on any deadlines which is a good thing, but by the same token, it would have moved things along at a faster pace. But I am practicing patience and not rushing a good thing. Today I have planned out an on-line launch party on Facebook. I am looking forward to doing that and I know it will be fun. Thanks for being patient with me, for those who have been following along over the past few years. Soon enough, My Friends, soon enough!

scarlette rayne