The 11th time’s the charm


What is it about a book’s cover that draws you in? To purchase it? The beautiful, colorful and eye-catching photo? Or the intriguing title? Of course, if it’s your favorite author, it’s already sold.

I must have about ten, count’em TEN mock up cover versions for my debut novella. I played around with fonts, placement of the title and my author name. Putting the photo on the cover was the most fun of them all (I say while crossing my fingers behind my back). I have been struggling with that the most. But I thought I nailed it, even got approval from my cover consultant, but I think it’s too small for the size of the book, which is the most popular 6×9.It won’t look right when printed. So guess what, I probably, most likely (with ‘definitely’ thrown in), will have to start over again.  Hey, since I’ve done the covers 10 times, I should be an expert, right? I hope

Wish me luck!

scarlette rayne