The Little Things


A book not only contains the moving, descriptive words that were created to tell you a story, but it also contains other little things that matter. I nearly forgot I had to work on them. That being the Dedication, Acknowledgements, Copy right page where we authors tell you it’s a no no to reproduce any part of whole of the book without permission and that everything we wrote is made up. If your name happens to be the exact same as the main character’s  living on the exact same road, well that’s merely coincidental.

On this snowy cold Monday morning, that is what I am working on. I was up at 3am thinking about these things and a few other items I have included in my debut novella: A Note from the Author and About the Author. Laying awake, wide awake, I formulated in my mind what I was going to write for these two little bits. I should have walked my very alert self downstairs and wrote them up, but I needed my sleep. Lucky for me, I wrote pretty much what I had stored away in the archives of my mind and am quite satisfied with it. Now it just has to past muster with my Editor.

No matter what you are doing and what you are working on, don’t forget the little things that can make a big difference.

scarlette rayne