The World on my mind, and my mind on The World


I’ll be honest, it’s been tough to think about anything other than our planet Earth in crisis. I won’t get into the details because, unless you are living under a rock (actually, good for you, you’re practicing this new thing called ‘Social Distancing’!), we all know the deal and what we all have to do to make things better. I’ll put the news on for hours a day to get informed and follow along, but as soon as anxiety, worry or even fatigue from listening to the advice and statistics, set in, I must shut it off and work on my personal projects. One of those would be editing a manuscript for my next book. To make sure I stay the course, I had set a date to submit with my fabulous proofreader, Kim Huther, of Wordsmith Editing. Check it out here:

I do hope and pray you all are doing well, and I’ll make sure I keep you updated on the 411 with me.

Love Always,