Away for far too long!

Shame on me. I haven’t posted a blog since 2017!!!!!! Almost three years!
What. In. The. Word. Happened? In a word, ‘Life’ and I’m sure everyone
can relate. Life happens and tasks and projects that are not priorities, become
an after thought, and sometimes forgotten. Although I haven’t completely forgotten about
my blog, it as been swept under the rug, put on the back burner, moved down
the line–whatever cliche you want to use, it has been done to my blog. It was kept
in some archive of my mind, the ‘save for later’ file, and later is now.
To quickly bring you all up to speed, I have published three more additional books,
did a move, switched careers, and went from working part time to the four-hour
work week. That many hours at a job, doesn’t leave much time for blogging, although when I
last blogged, I did have the time, I just didn’t use it wisely. I’ve spent countless minutes and hours, since
obtaining 40 hour work week, in trying to best manage my time so I can do the things
that I’ve been neglecting, moving it to the top 10, dusting it off, bringing out into
the light…you get the idea…LOL! There’s too much to catch you up on with just
one blog post, and I had always promised to keep it short, sweet and simple so I can
hold your attention just long enough to keep you interested, right before the words
start to blur and all you’re reading is blah blah blah. So stay tuned–I’ve got more!