When ‘I think I can’ becomes, ‘I know I can.’


An author’s work is never done. One cannot publish a book, sit there and hope it sells. Just like a shop owner can’t open a shop and expect the calls to pour in and customers to clamor for whatever he or she is selling. Those shop owners must market, advertise and promote their business. It’s definitely not an overnight success. As a business owner myself, I knew that ideology all too well. It took three years to build a small clientele and to get my name out there, as well as receive a return on my investment where I actually paid myself! Much like a business owner, an author must do the same thing: promote and market, get their name out there, be patient. But most importantly, never throw in that towel! Trust me, there were times I wanted to shut down my business and scrap my manuscripts because things were not going they way I hoped in either venture. This is expected. This is the norm. Overnight successes are a myth. Although there are a lucky few who have become one, however, I don’t want my success to be from luck. I’d rather it be from hard work, persistence and commitment; also some blood, sweat and tears thrown in for good measure!

Thank you so much for reading. I have more in store for you Dear Readers!