This is Only the Beginning


Is this a dream? It can’t be a dream.  Although, dreams do come true and this one has!! After five and a half years of writing, waiting, editing, proofreading, more editing, coffee drinking, wine, drinking, writing for days, not writing at all, pulling my hair out…shall I continue?…I finally, finally published my ebook!!!  I almost cried when I got the email from Amazon Kindle that my book is live! I was on a high when I made my first royalty—a whole $2.06. But it’s not about the money, it’s about fulfilling a dream I had for years and finally seeing it come to fruition. It’s about entertaining readers with my words, my characters, my plots, as well as showing them the heart and soul that goes into writing a book. Sure, I pressed publish, sales are happening, my work is out there, but it’s not over yet. There is more to do. More editing for my next story, more marketing for my ebook if I want it to do well. More stories to write. You will definitely be hearing more from me!!

I can finally put this on my blog, the link to purchase my book if you haven’t already snagged a copy:



scarlette rayne